Industrial Product Design

We practice industrial design too to design products of your daily life objects what you use. We study the market and culpture the product through user experience design(UXD) approach to bring incredible user experience.

Market Study

We conduct ethnography research to understand user attitude, environment and their problems. Competitive analysis would be uncovered market need and competitor strength and weakness which would be helpful to set benchmark

Mood Boards

A visual presentation arranged design artifacts of your product design to inspire your customer and convey your design ideas to validate and refine earlier stage

Wireframe Design

We put our ideas quickly as sketch and place on your table to elicit your feedback and brainstorm ideas. Wireframe can be cost effective artifact which would be arrived in less time and easy to modify

Prototype, 3D Print

Protype can impress your audience aesthetically with real look and feel. We delivery 3D Moulding print which can be reference for further manufacturing of your physical product

Usability Testing

We involve real user to test the prototype of design how it would be affordable and accessible to end users. We test against usability principle and how this can be effective and efficient to achieve what they intended.

Product Viability Analysis

Product can be designed and developed to test viability how this can be successful in real market. Minimum Viable Product(MVP) can be helpful to measure customer expectation and refine the product

Feasibility Analysis

Design needs to be validated against manufacturing and technologies challenges which would impediment to convert the design as real product. Ideas and design solutions should undergo feasibility analysis to decide Manufactuing and its trade offs