Brand & Packaging Design

We do all groundwork for building your brand then pack and deliver to customers. Brand building exercise needs to be taken very serious analysis to success in competitive market.

Brand Strategy

Brand needs to be build considering various factors like consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments which directly connected to product success. Brand strategy involves understanding competitive market and defining unique value proposition to attract audience. Mindtreasury helps you to analyze market need and carefully build the product

Logo and Color Palate

A graphic can be easily recognizable and steal users’ heart very quickly compared to other format content. Logo and color palate would be stayed with entire product lifecycle and helps to retain loyal customer and creates trust on your business.

Brand Identity

Brand logo, color palate and Brand voice and tone needs to be conveyed uniformly to entire product promotion and corporate materials what you use to promote your business. Example letter pad, visiting card, brochure, hoarding and banner etc.

Packaging Design

Packaging design increases buying attitude of user. Packaging needs attractive and trustworthy design to illuminate your product and increase the sales.

Advertising Materials

Nowadays advertisement is a key investment for business which would be implemented in different media to improve product visibility through digital or physical. We create various creative design which can be distributed in different media like TV, newspaper, Email, Website and Banners etc.