About Us


Looking for User Experience Designer to stand your company in good market needs? If you’re hunting for such solution, we after you the Ideal destination for web and mobile platforms by ‘ Mind Treasury’ floated by us. Alongside we also provide UX strategy , Interaction Designs, Web and Mobile application development, User experience and Project management consulting and branding design services to name a few.

We have had over 10 years working experience with large ISVS, SMEs and startups and the domains like e-commerce, social platforms, cloud services, retail banking and instance in the consumer space besides commercial services, Business Intelligence, Analytics and databases are own forte.

Our team which has grown to about 50 casuists of chosen designers, developers and supporting staff who cater to the needs of growing segments.

Ours is a unique venture to realize cost-effective generation of software applications incorporating the strategy of our enviable team- Rock stars- both in enlisting marketing novelty and reduction in operational costs with ensured growth in number of outsourcing partnership.

Our stead fast commitment is an mantra in fostering an empowered company culture as first and foremost priority.


Co-Founder, UX Designer & PM

Co-Founder, Managing Director