Brand Development Strategies

Branding Building is an aspirational thought process for business and personal brand builders.

Brand owners aim to showcase their voice and ability to resolve customer problems through their products and services. The digital tools and techniques have given plenty of knowledge to brand builders on how to innovate their own brand and retain in customers place. If you want to develop a personal or business brand, you should spend a lot of time and resources researching and defining brand values that you are bringing new to the market.

To avoid resource and time cost wasted, you need to set up the right strategy with proper guidelines, let me list out some of the things below that I learned from another medium.

What is personal or Business Brand Building

A simple definition is a person or product that can offer to others in terms of service, solving customer problems and needs.

Personal Branding: A person can build their own identity by exposing and sharing his skill offline and online consistently. The consistent presence will increase visibility, and it’s a process of developing a reputation of individuality.

It’s the unique skill and personality that you want to share with your audience

Business Brand: Building a business brand is about how your customer recognize the business. A business brand is not only just a logo or organization name. it’s about what the business brings a seamless experience through its services and product features for its audience. Brand should be reflected universally consistent like customer service style, staff, employees uniforms, marketing materials, and organization premises.

Brands should reflect on their vision and goals and what they want to achieve by satisfying their customers. Brand should stand out its in-target goal and uniqueness. Brand should create loyal customers and trustworthy bonding through its offering.

Brand Strategies

A brand can convey its offering well-funneled way to attract customers and retain them. A good brand generates its goodwill to create loyalty with customers. Brand development should streamline marketing strategy and process to develop a brand and deliver a seamless experience to customers.

Brand developers should have a competitive strategy to win market sharing from idea to product/service delivery. Some of the streamlined processes and strategies listed below here.

Conduct Market Study

Earlier to get into brand development and product development, people should empathize with customers’ requirements and pain points which will create an opportunity to deliver new solutions or modernized ones to fulfill customer expectations.

Competitive Research

Competitive research can bring awareness market cap on how other competitors serve customers. Competitive research uncovers the strength and weaknesses of competition. Google analytic and some competitive research tools can deliver statistics on other business performance insights.

Define Goal

Define what problem your business/personal brand going to solve for targeted customers. You can synthesize data from customer and competitive insights which help us to define business paths and goals. Once you have a solid idea of where you want to stand then kick start your brand development with a specific plan.

Brand identity

Based on your business idea and the industrial sector where you want to stand your business, start to define your brand which should reflect your business theme, language, and tone of voice.Then be consistent and encompass your idea int all over the business attributes listed below

  • Brand/company name
  • Unique value proposition / service style
  • Employee uniforms
  • Brand theme and style
  • Company/shop infrastructure
  • Pricing and deals
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Marketing approach.

Be specific and Bold

Your brand should reflect the personality and values that the brand carries to customers. Values and personality should be specific and unique which should be bold and honest to customers. Service or product should convert visitors as customers through a seamless experience. Brands should always promise trustworthy services to make loyal customers.

Brand should tell the story

You can start developing your brand by considering the story of your business — how it started, what you hope to achieve, who you hope to appeal to. Your story should be a key component of your brand.

Brand should convey the story why it has arrived and what is problem / service going to be provided. And who is to appeal and sector of target audience.

Conduct AB testing

When you define your brand identities and website hire professional and user from customer segment to validate your multiple ideas. Be open to validate ideas and elicit feedback and requirements from customers perspective. Put your ideas and designs in front of customers listen and observe what is reaction on that. This design validation can be conducted with different set of customers and with different design.

Keep it simple

Brand identities could be simple and relevant to the types of customers you are trying to attract. Adding too many elements, such as colours, fonts and images, can make your brand difficult to use and hard to recognise. A simple brand is easier for customers to understand, and will convey a strong message about what your business is like and what customers can expect.


Once decided to develop brand whether it is a personal or business brand, first do market and user research to understand their needs. Then define goal and what you want to bring solution for customers needs. Start develop brand which should be consistent and unique. Stay in your goal and never give off.

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