How to choose brand colors for brand identity

Let’s discuss here to help people who are going to create a new brand identity to start the business.

Defining brand colors should have a very detailed understanding of the market and target audience. Brand identity encapsulates the type of business, target user perception, user type, gender, and culture. Colors have various meanings which are psychologically identified by humans.

According to studies 90% of customers are attracted color of brand and tend to motivate buy the product and keep loyal customers. Brand color emotionally influences their own customers. Customers’ behaviors vary based on their intention to approach the product. So choosing brand colors very crucial and its required deep research and time consuming effort to arrive successful brand identity.

Psychology of Color Pattern

The color pattern has different meanings and conventions as per people’s perceptions that they have familiar with and practiced. Colors invoke people’s emotions and influence people’s behaviour which impacts user buying attitudes. Some of the most contrasting colors listed here with what feelings and emotions will induce when the user interacts with the product.

As defined in color theory each color has emotional values;

Red is donated mostly with fire, danger, excitement, and energy. This color mostly meant powerful, playful and passionate.

Pink is for children and females. Mostly pink means romantic, youth style

Orange is meant to highlight, a creative and fresh feel

Yellow donates warning, victory and sometimes danger

Green is for success, and nature. It’s a refreshment and sustainability in wealth.

Blue is trustworthy, peaceful, and use to convey information

Purple this is associated purple with luxury and richness

White mostly convey purity, simplicity and innocence,  often used to manage simple and clean

Black is bold and elegant, normally use for formal. But sometimes sadness


Color decisions should be based on what business you are going to set and in which industry comes on your business. People have a common perception what they have already practiced as per their own mood.

For example, technology, green and agriculture have major perception differences. People who are building a business with agriculture and farm, would prefer green based color theme in contrast who are developing technology business use black, orange color. The relevant color scheme helps to recognize the brand easily and denote what is about business.

Defining right color palette is curcial because it does lot in business development and recognition by customers. While color makes any branding material more appealing and induces sales by making addict human psychology.

Some research also indicates that the human brain prefers brands that they can recognize instantly. Since color is one of the critical elements that we use to identify companies, it makes sense to perfect your corporate identity color palette. Let discuss some of industry type and color palette for them.

Color palette for Industry/Business Type

Social and Child Care

Most child care hospitals and clinics prefer pink and light blue to create soft feel and trust in services. Color palette ensures product stability and trustworthiness.  

Natural and agricultural product brands.

They adhere eco-friendly environment based color scheme to connect and relate with product of green field. If it’s clear that a company is helping the planet, environmentally conscious people will jump to support it.

Natural and agricultural based organizations should use earthy tones to communicate their positive impact on the earth. Green and brown are both commonly used because they reflect natural elements, such as grass and dirt. Some organizations may opt to use yellow as well to emulate sunshine and invoke feelings of happiness.

Software and Technologies

Tech companies always keep a warm and hot feel of their technological advancement. Their vision and goal make excitement in progress and provide tech solutions.

Their brand color mostly can be Red, Orange, Yellow and Black which are more vibrant and dominate visual feel.

Art and Creative studios

Art, design agency, and film production companies, thrive to bring innovative design solutions for their customers. They keep a bright and successful tone of orange, yellow and green. These color schemes are vibrant and more energetic by producing unique value proposition in their deliverable.

Financial and infrastructure

Financial and infrastructure deal large amount of financial services and engaged with large customers pool. Finance and banking companies make sure security and trust with customers.

Blue typically gives feelings of trust and security, so it is frequently used by Finance and banking companies.  The banking and finance companies also use black, brown, orange to convey bold and seriousness of customer engagement.


Brand colors should align with color theory which is defined based on people psychology and perception. Color scheme helps to attract customers and induce people emotions based on their experience. If want to improve good user experience, and increase positive response and conversion rate brand color definition should be carefully defined by deep research and study of user perception and market.